6 ways to save more money on your online purchases

Online Shopping

Indians spent more than 210.6 billion dollars in the purchase of products on the Internet in 2013, according Statista, but I wonder how much this figure could be reduced if they had done all they could to save money. Unless you have no debt and that you have a balanced budget, we advise you to read these 6 ways to save money on your online shopping.

Saving money online

1. Avoid shipping costs

For $69 a year, registration for Amazon Prime allows you to deliver all your purchases for free. In addition, if you group our purchases together on other websites, you will normally exceed the minimum amount to get the free shipping.
You can also perform a quick search and find discount coupons to get free shipping. In addition, many retailers now offer the option to pick up your order in store. Although they may not seem important, the shipping costs may be added over time, especially if you tend to make many purchases online.



2. The group buying websites

Sites such as Groupon or Grodeal offer impressive offers both products and services. You can either purchase the product directly through the web site or print a coupon for a particular service, which will offer you often 50% discount or more.

3. Use the best credit cards and find the best deals.

Some credit cards offer up to 5% discount on your online purchases made during the last quarter of the year. Just look for the best offer. There are also “business” that you can find by logging into your account. If an offer appears, register and you can make serious savings. For example, you could make purchases for an amount of Rs 75 and receive Rs 15 discount. There is nothing better than to get money simply by having to perform a few simple steps – so make sure you have these cards.

4. Use codes

Coupons websites allow you to get vouchers and other coupons. No need to register, just look for the brand in question, copy the code and enter it when paying your purchases. If you find a good 10% discount and you buy a computer at Rs 600, Rs 60 this will always be saved to your bank account.

5. Know and detect bargains

Make sure you know the difference between a good offer and one that is not. This is not because Groupon says selling a camera to Rs 80 when it normally costs Rs 199 that’s necessarily true. Check rates using sites such as eBay or Amazon. In many cases, it is not an offer so interesting.

6. Make sure that your online payments are secure

There are many ways for cybercriminals to steal money. Reckless transfer could cost you all your savings in the year. That is why it is very important to be careful when making online purchases. The best way to ensure that a service is safe is to use protection.

Some additional tips

Suppose you have saved Rs 50 by buying a product on Groupon, Rs 30 using the right credit card and an additional 20 Rs avoiding shipping costs. Instead of letting those 100 Rs sleeping on your bank account, use them where you need it the most. For example, you can pay a bill, pay your home loan or even bail out your bank account reserved for emergencies. Save all you can about shopping online is important but what you do with the money saved is also essential.

And you, how do you save money on your online purchases?

To become a professional WhatsApp: Features, Tips, Tricks

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whatsApp is more popular than ever: More than 600 million people worldwide use the Messenger service. The chat application has already replaces the SMS and also offers more features than the simple sending and receiving text messages. But few know the full potential of the chat app: Numerous functions are hidden in the app, but also in the marketplaces of Apple, Google and Microsoft can be found useful extensions. COMPUTER BILD shows all tricks around the popular WhatsApp Messenger. “Download: WhatsApp for iPhone» Download: WhatsApp for Android »Download: WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp per Tablet

Both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store in vain for a WhatsApp version for their own tablet. No wonder – the developers have asked the chat application officially only for the smartphone available. With a few tricks you bring the popular Messenger service as well as on your Android tablet or iPad. How do you accomplish this by using an Android tablet, please read the COMPUTER BILD article “WhatsApp on the Android tablet use”. In the following overview you will learn how to pick Whatapp on the iPad.

WhatsApp use on PC and Mac

In addition to using the tablet and smartphone allows WhatsApp use with your desktop computer. You’ll need a so-called emulator that allows the applications open and use on the Windows machine – about the BlueStacks App Player. In the article “WhatsApp PC: How to use WhatsApp also on your desktop computer” learn step by step how to use WhatsApp via BlueStacks App Player on your home desktop PC. The Mac also can read WhatsApp messages. Either you use then the Mac version of the BlueStacks App Player, or give it a try with “Notifyr”. Notifyr is a free application to view push messages from the iPhone to the Mac. So that you get from any notification on the iPhone a copy to your Mac. Unfortunately it is not possible with the program to answer received messages. Notifyr is compatible with all newer Macs and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. “Download: BlueStacks App Player for Windows» Download: BlueStacks App Player for Mac

WhatsApp Settings: Change status, Photos Edit & Co.

If the WhatsApp Messenger installed only on the smartphone, there are numerous ways to customize the device to your chat needs. Thus, for example, backups of chat histories create, the time stamp disable convey the location and select other options. One of the newer features within the application is the integrated photo editing tool. To cut, rotate and label images before sending. The image processing, however, is so far only available for Android and Apple smartphones. In the picture gallery editors tips and tricks are, elicit the help of WhatsApp Messenger you to even more functions.

WhatsApp tools: Practical Extensions

A castle pleasing to WhatsApp? Or you want to know, who you most frequently write and how many messages you send each week? In the app stores of Android, Apple & Co. there are plenty of applications that complement WhatsApp with useful extensions. To learn more about your habits, protect your Messenger service against unauthorized access, change the font in text or send your friends a small messenger “text bomb”, to crash their WhatsApp. In the overview COMPUTER BILD has 22 useful, creative and insane WhatsApp tools for Android compiled. Here you find something!

Be read and read: WhatsApp status

With WhatsApp communication starts with the user status. This appears in the contact list and on the profile of a contact. Each WhatsApp friend sees the state award. COMPUTER BILD has gone in search and the 150 funniest and coolest sayings tracked. But also for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas COMPUTER BILD has always matching sayings in stock.

WhatsApp does not work! What to do?

It is not uncommon that in chat zeal times strike of WhatsApp Messenger and you lose the connection. WhatsApp is down! Currently, the Messenger can not connect to the network and is limited for German users in operation. That’s also the reason that receive messages or let send. Or is it still around at your own smartphone? Go to the bottom of the causes and help yourself with the practical guide of COMPUTER BILD “WhatsApp does not work: You can do that ??”. Find out where you can get specific information about the disorder and how to proceed if Chat problems arise.

WhatsApp, threema & CO .: Which chat app is best and safest?

WhatsApp has it a lot. Several functions complement the Messenger app, so to comply with your needs while chatting. Nevertheless, the competition is great and it comes up trumps with a rich range of functions on offer or safer texts. COMPUTER BILD has WhatsApp compared with competitors like threema, Line and Telegram and topped the best and safest messenger app. Read the article “Messenger apps in the test: Whoever defeated WhatsApp?” Which chat alternatives compete with WhatsApp and what features you expect.

FIFA noob guide – 10 FIFA 16 tips for beginners

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fifa-noob-guide-10-fifa-16-tips-for beginers

FIFA 16 is the first football game of EAsports. Yet it may be that you’ve never played FIFA. To ensure that you do not embarrass your friends when they are able to challenge you to a game of FIFA made XGN a noob guide to the 10 FIFA 16 tips for beginners.

Understand football is not for everyone. Still, anyone can play the biggest football game in the world. If you are just starting with FIFA or are simply unsure about what your playing skills. Then here are the 10 best tips for beginners FIFA player. Giving you a better FIFA player might turn even though you have the game only just bought. With this FIFA noob guide you become in no time FIFA hero among your friends

10. Do not change too rapidly for male

While it is tempting every time the ball is played to immediately press the button that allows you change your player, you really should not do this. FIFA 16 does not always switch to the exact player you have in mind. If you then change frequently player there is no organization more in your defense, then your opponent can therefore so run through.

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9. Stay on your feet!

It may happen that an attacker is faster than your defender, shit happens. Do not give in to the temptation to make a sliding tackle and the ball touching. Indeed, there is a good chance that you are not sliding the ball and then you have missed the opportunity.

Stay instead run with your defender and briefly press the tackle button. This brace yourself for a moment the attacker and if you stay in the game. Sooner or later, you can then catch him and the ball still hold. Especially with the best defenders in the game.

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8. Do not run too fast with the keeper

If one of those topaanvallers in FIFA 16 one-on-one with your keeper of the line, you want that ball as goalkeeper obviously picking his feet as soon as possible. Nonetheless you should watch the show bleeding of the keeper. It’s been some years a common trick to let a goalkeeper short walk and then let run back to the goal line again.

The other player is going to try to lob the ball over the keeper, but fails because the goal in time is back in his goal. This trick is only now so familiar that the better FIFA players the ball just mercilessly to your goalkeeper shoot it. That is just easier when you far goalkeeper for the goal even though it is one of the goalkeepers.

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7. Move a player with a red card

Whether it’s the fault of the referee, the ball field or yourself, it can happen any time one of your players gets a red card. Try not to stoically football but take a look at your lineup. It may be that the player who has just been sent off the field stood an important position. Especially with defenders and central midfielders will immediately drop a hole if no player stands.

The opponent then has that place every opportunity to build up his attack. So it is advisable to fill the fallen spot with a player who is in a less important position. Also, if you need another player to temporarily switch to recover someone who can play on the lost position, it is very worthwhile.

6. Dare to make an offense

FIFA games are notorious for the speed. Sometimes there is no stopping it and you have to pull the emergency brake with a known player. A useful offense in midfield may interrupt the whole attack your opponent. When a good offense is the chances are that you most yellow will save them. Please note: a foul from behind is anywhere on the field a red card.

5. Do not always the same

Very nice course that you’ve learned a trick similar to your first game of FIFA but did not repeat it every time. Eventually, your opponent because it really round and is no longer effective. The very fact that you have no idea what trick you’re really doing is unpredictable for the opponent. Ask any experienced FIFA gamer, nothing is harder than playing against someone that you have no idea what they will do.

fifa 16 tips

4. Do not just for speed

It is tempting to draw as many fast players. The harder you can run the faster you are close to the goal of course. But fast players often have the disadvantage that they are not as strong. This makes them easy to put on the side and certainly in FIFA 16 are defenders perfectly capable of doing that. And without the ball you do not really have much to all those speed.

3. Do not walk out of position

One of the most common mistakes made by FIFA players is endless running with a player. You see players with the right back defender of the opponent under pressure. A high ball from your opponent than enough for the attacker to get one-on-one with your keeper.

Many amateur coach shouts his voice hoarse with this sentence: “STAY IN FORMATION FOOTBALL!” Also in FIFA 16 this is very important. A player is not in vain in his position. Let him even play football there.

2. Change in time!

Your team consists of more than eleven players and you can just swap in most games three times (sometimes more often). Do it too! players just like in real tired. Tired players fit less well, shoot less focused and run slower. In addition, the chance of injury is much higher in tired players. In the peaceful and already share a time and around the 70th minute, one or two times, keep fit the team to perform at their best.

fifa 16

1. Choose a good team

Perhaps the most obvious tip but also the most important. If you’re not very good at FIFA do not try to play football with a bad team. The teams with more stars are more capable and players can also easily perform well. Would you like to offer some counterbalance to your friends so just choose teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona.