The reserve

SafariCam endeavors to bring you live wildlife video streams straight out of East Africa’s Rift Valley – a rich, diverse ecosystem unique to Kenya and Tanzania.

Based in London, SafariCam is partnered with Soysambu Conservancy, a non-profit organisation which manages 48,000 acres of a privately owned game reserve in south-west Kenya. The wildlife sanctuary is located 120km northwest of Nairobi on the shores of Lake Elementeita, part of the Great Rift Valley chain of alkaline lakes.

Home to Africa’s largest breeding population of Great White Pelican and over 400 different bird species, Soysambu is a delicate ecosystem under increasing pressure from the growing human population and resulting habitat decimation. The shores surrounding Lake Elementeita are teeming with wildlife: buffalo, zebra, gazelles and eland mingle out on the plains while the Acacia forests are alive with the cries of colobus monkeys and the rasp of hidden leopards.

Soysambu Conservancy’s mission statement:

  • Sustain wildlife species, indigenous livestock and habitat.
  • Support local conservation initiatives.
  • Facilitate neighboring development and community education in the value of flora and fauna.
  • Preserve the Rift Valley Ecosystem for future generations.

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